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Chalcedony School to Host New Media Conference on AI

Lagos, Nigeria – OloriSuperGal Media is thrilled to announce the upcoming New Media Conference, School Debate Edition, set to take place at Chalcedony School, Abijo GRA, Ibeju-Lekki, on Friday, November 17, 2023, starting at 10:00 a.m.

The New Media Conference, convened by Oluwatosin Ajibade, founder of OloriSuperGal Media, aims to bring together young minds to engage in thoughtful discourse on pressing issues. The school debate edition will be hosted by Isabella Adediji, the esteemed founder of Yellow Tamarind Productions.

The chosen topic for this enlightening debate is “AI will replace humans,” a subject of immense relevance in today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape. Students from Chalcedony School and Debiruss School will passionately debate the pros and cons of this thought-provoking topic.

Elsie Godwin, co-founder of Cashwise Finance and founder of Mind-Mastik Media, is set to be one of the distinguished speakers at the event. Ms. Godwin will share insights on “Safe Social Networking: The Proper Way to Use Social Media,” shedding light on responsible and secure online practices.

This edition is proudly powered by OloriSuperGal Media and supported by Edusko, Chalcedony School, Debiruss School, Fast-Her, and Nest Hogins.

The prizes for the winning school are as follows: A day visit to Microsoft Headquarters in Ikoyi, N100,000 worth of digital literacy courses courtesy of Fast-Learn Africa, and a cash prize!!

We invite media representatives, educators, students, and the general public to join us for this intellectually stimulating event.


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