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New Media Conference School Debate 2023

Debiruss School Claims Victory in New Media Conference School Debate

The third edition of the New Media Conference School Debate took place on November 17, 2023, at Chalcedony School, Goodwill Estate, Abijo, which garnered interest, attracting an audience of over 250 people, including media enthusiasts, judges, students, and teachers.

The convener of the New Media Conference, Oluwatosin Ajibade, gave the welcome speech, where she addressed the fast-growing nature of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on human existence. She added that “AI will undoubtedly transform various aspects of our lives. However, the fear of AI replacing humans should not overshadow its potential to augment our capabilities, solve complex problems, and improve our quality of life.” The host, Isabella Adedeji, founder of Yellow Tamarind Production, introduced the judges and debaters. 

The speaker, Elsie Godwin, founder of Mind-Mastik and co-founder of Cashwise Finance, lectured the audience on the proper way to use social media. She asked a thought-provoking question: “When you look back in the next five years, would you be proud of the content you have put out?” It got the audience thinking about the long-term impact of their online presence.

Adekunle Owolabi, country manager of Nest Hogins with the volunteers and the OSG Team

The school debate on the topic “AI will replace humans” brought together two prominent schools, Chalcedony School and Debiruss School, in a spirited intellectual exchange. Chalcedony School, the host, opposed the motion, while Debiruss School supported it. The debate featured three debaters from each school. Osaruese Ikponmwoba, Alvina Oghenekparobo, and Akpan Abasi-Itoro represented Chalcedony School, while Abigail Fajumo, Mercy Onyearugha, and Aanuoluwa Simeon represented Debiruss School. 

The event was an interesting exchange of ideas, with debaters presenting compelling arguments for and against the motion. The debate was moderated by three distinguished judges: Thelma Ibeh, founder of Faslearn; Adekunle Owolabi, country manager at Nest Hogins; and Oluwaseun Shokeye, Growth Manager at Edusko Africa.

After careful evaluation, Thelma Ibeh addressed the audience, acknowledging the commendable efforts of all participants. The winner of the debate was announced, with Debiruss School emerging victorious with an impressive score of 74.89 points. Chalcedony School displayed exceptional debating skills and secured a close second position with a score of 70.67 points.

The winners from Debiruss School were awarded a golden trophy, three medals, 100,000 naira worth of literacy courses sponsored by Faslearn, STEM kits for schools sponsored by Edusko Africa, cash prizes, certificates of participation, and a day visit to the Microsoft Africa Development Center in Ikoyi, Lagos. Medals and certificates of participation were also awarded to debaters from Chalcedony School.

The 2023 New Media Conference School debate was in partnership with the Microsoft Africa Development Center, Edusko Africa, Nest Hogins, and FasLearn.

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